27, Nov, 2020

Auto insurance: know the factors that influence the price of the policy

[Music] [Applause] and then folks alright let’s talk security this time I decided to clarify a little bit about the much talked about franchise and silva already took before start i will ask you if you like you like our video you subscribe to our channel other videos there that I’m sure you will like we had looking for the meaning including employees regarding the interesting franchise word that I just found overall meaningless regarding the franchise until the effect of franking frankness and exemption from postal payment rights related postal freedom and asylum or refuge and the well-known that from everyone that exploiting branded product or service through a contract between the owner of the product brand and that person who is going to market the brand product or service and speaking of safe we ​​really found nothing so come on the deductible is the participation of the insured in the cost of a vehicle repair since that this vehicle is considered a total loss you had a car accident took you to the workshop remember i spoke at another video about the workshop that workshop made the budget and came to conclusion with the insurer that if it is not total loss is partial loss from that moment on you will pay a part of the concert that is the deductible amount is determined in the insurance contract and the insurer will pay the difference for you to understand better let’s say your franchise car in the insurance contract is 1,500 reais the workshop launches and and the price of the car repair price remains 1,400 reais this value is within the value stipulated in the policy as a deductible this means that you will pay the repair the insurer does not take advantage of this is that you will not show up with the insurer as if you were using nor insurance you will not lose bonuses you will lose nothing will happen nothing guti another example your franchise 1,500 reais you took proficiency in the workshop made the budget was 2 thousand reais the council you will pay the 1,500 reais that the value of deductible the insurer will pay the difference 500 reais took to the workshop the budget evaluate three thousand reais you will continue paying the 1500 and then the insurer will pay the other 1,500 actual and if the franchise franchise is the amount that each workshop you pay on the board of your car as long as this insurance is not determined as a total loss so I want to get your attention for three more details that are doubts the vast majority of people the first detail most of the time when you hire auto insurance in fact you are taking out more than one insurance you are taking out insurance from automobile liability in this liability insurance is that you have funds to indemnify third parties when you have an accident that you are guilty that you take giving to the third party car at the actor insurance company your insurance contract will carry out your car for the insurance of auto will organize the car and the third party for liability insurance to ok i want you to realize next the third party insurance has nothing to do with car insurance the insurance that the car has deductible the third party insurance has no deductible so you hit someone’s car you are guilty do not have minimum or maximum value expensive concert that determines the value is important insure you have in your possession that will determine what will hire the guy’s third you hit I have safe contact will indemnify the third party’s car without a deductible you don’t have to pay the deductible, neither you nor the third party insurance involving the third party there is no deductible second detail you got your car took workshop workshop made the launch and the budget amount checked exceeded 75% of the market value of your car in that case people the insurer considers total vehicle loss and total loss has no deductible has no insured’s participation you will only participate equal to that previous example if the budget is less than 75 percent value of car market and then you will enter the deductible the difference insurer ok and lastly the third detail in the case of theft vehicle theft has no deductible the insurer will indemnify the value of the car unless the exception is if the car is recovered the car was recovered the workshop will launch if it is less than 75 percent of the value of the car you enter here the insurer with the difference here and lastly people each insurer has its value of franchise according to her experience in relation to your vehicle so insurer that has a franchise lives in another franchise is the sap of ending another deductible in the same way that the cost of insurance for each one is different what do you have to pay attention to when hiring safe calculations the broker can present the value in addition to the insurance price the amount of the deductible now there are three types of franchise amount the insurer usually gives you the first amount she calls you normal franchise there is also a reduced franchise and increased franchise what is it you have a new franchise you understand with examples and theo normal franchise of 1,500 reais the reduced deductible it will cost 750 to 50% of the value of the deductible in general because of that the insurer will charge you a little more for the insurance premium it is not the same value that it will decrease ok it discovers a little more expensive insurance and acts here is reduced in the same way until the normal deductible you you can hire because it is increased, then the example of 1,500 goes back, you have a normal franchise of 1,500 the major becomes 3 thousand and then you will pay a little less insurance because you are taking the risk it is 3 at the time of claim that it is a larger deductible understood this then at the time of insurance contractor asked his broker for the three cars with the three types of franchise you will have the franchise value as increasing how much is decreasing your insurance and you will choose what is best for you in time to hire kiss in the heart insurance until next time already forgot a detail disputes the value of the franchise you don’t pay anyone but the workshop and detail also only after have the car ready finished you got your cute car you don’t book more you pay the workshop is not the insurer no is a franchise broker if the workshop is paid

Auto insurance and know the factors that influence the price of the policy

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