23, Jan, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Short Term Health Insurance Cover

In 2018, 8.5% of US citizens representing 27 million people, did not have health insurance covers. Some of these may have switched employment or grown past the parent’s health covers or other reasons. In any case, health cover is essential. With the increasing number of pathogens affecting the human body, it’s critical now more than ever to have an excellent medical cover. What if you are switching employment? What if you are still waiting for your comprehensive medical cover to be processed? You will need an excellent short term cover for the waiting period. But what does short term health insurance cover?

Preventive Healthcare Visits

A mortality study shows that every year, millions of people die from preventable and treatable conditions. A study in 2004 showed that avoidable conditions caused at least half of the deaths in the US. Respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular and other forms of diabetes have, with time known, to be the biggest killers. The above shows how necessary preventive healthcare is. Prevention of disease could save up to 70% of healthcare costs. There are four levels of preventive care:

  • Primal and Primordial prevention. Primal prevention is done to expectant parents where they will be given necessary information and guidance before the birth of a child. The latter is an after-birth birth follow up
  • Primary prevention. The above involves healthy practices like eating healthy, drinking clean water, and exercising. If you need to consult your doctor on healthy diets that may be covered
  • Secondary prevention. Secondary prevention is where an injury or disease is detected at an early stage and treated to prevent it from becoming a severe health issue
  • Tertiary prevention. Deals with after-treatment care. The recuperation is the mission of tertiary prevention

However, short term insurance does not cover any pre-existing medical conditions. Be it primary, secondary, or tertiary prevention, short term health insurance will only cover illnesses that are short-termed. Therefore when it comes to primal and primordial short term insurance will not cover. Our health insurance covers give you the best short term health insurance for primary and secondary healthcare issues.

Urgent Care

Urgent care involves the treatment of injuries or illnesses that require immediate attention. However, urgent care does not include serious problems that require an emergency team. In this case, the patient had not booked an appointment; instead, the patient shall be treated on a walk-in basis. Urgent care treatments are often expensive. Our short term health insurance policies allow you to get the treatment you need at very low premiums.

Emergency Care

A WHO report shows that over 56 million people die every year because of health conditions that require fast-acting. Diseases like hypertension, stroke, diabetes, and other pulmonary diseases are the number one causes of death to people worldwide. The costs of emergency care may be so expensive, especially if intensive care is needed for the patient. However, our short term health insurance packages cover the risks caused by emergency conditions. Short term insurance plan was designed to cover emergencies that may occur during the period. Some covers allow for medical coverage when in a foreign land. The above includes unexpected injuries from home or road accidents. Here are some of the emergencies well covered in the short term health insurance.

  • Emergency inpatient dental treatments. These may be dental injuries caused by accident. However, this will not include followup dental treatment, surgery, prostheses, orthodontics, or periodontics
  • Emergency outpatient dental treatment

Since the short term is primarily for emergencies, all medical emergencies that include injuries by fire, accidents, and any other will get treatment. Other non-emergency health issues in a foreign land are not subject to this insurance.

Lab visits and Medical Diagnostics

The above refers to a hospital visit to determine someone’s illnesses based on the signs and symptoms they show. Diagnostics are meant to detect the disease. The costs incurred in medical diagnostics are expensive. We give you temporary insurance for which covers the lab costs you might incur during this period.

Ambulatory Care

It’s medical care provided on an outpatient basis. It includes medical diagnosis, treatment, and may also include the use of advanced medical technology. Our short term insurance coverage will cover ambulatory care.

Surgical Procedures

Most commonly known as operation, is a medical procedure aimed at treating pathological problems to improve body functions or repair injured areas. Surgical procedures have, for long, been known to be very expensive. However, short term medical coverage can take care of surgical procedures.

Inpatient Care

This is the care for any persons who require admission to the hospital. In most circumstances, this insurance caters for the patients well being from the day of admission to the day of release.

Telemedicine and Telehealth

Telehealth involves the use of communication devices like a telephone to relay medical information to a patient or clinical client. Telemedicine allows people in remote areas to access medical services at home. Our insurance covers telemedicine. We will give you the best short term health insurance with the best medical experts.

Specialty or Expert Services

For some medical conditions, doctors may refer you to experts in specific fields. Specialties ensure that you get appropriate evaluation and treatment of your preexisting condition. In such a case, if you have temporary insurance covers, you will get full coverage of the expert’s costs.

Benefits Of Short Term Health Insurance

Easy and fast application. After applying for short term healthcare, you will not wait for weeks to receive the notification. Notification of acceptance comes in after a few minutes. Our customer care will assist you in getting the best out of short term insurance. No need to change doctors. This kind of insurance allows you to go to the hospital provider of your choice. This means you can still follow up with your gynecologist when pregnant. No specific dates of enrollment. You can access short term applications at any particular season of the year. There are no deadlines for registration. After application, this insurance starts working as early as after 24 hours. Also, its premiums are not too high.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Short Term Health Insurance?

1. Does not cover pre-existing medical conditions

Pregnancy, lifetime illnesses are not covered by this insurance. Government provisions do not govern this type of coverage, thus cannot cover comprehensively.

2. May Be at Times Expensive

Since sometimes they have their preference for clinical facilities, they may be expensive if you decide to choose a facility not controlled by them. Therefore, when selecting this insurance carefully, go through the qualified health plan to understand what it involves. Other disadvantages include:

They are short term coverage

Does not provide full benefits of essential care

Just acts as a catastrophic coverage

Although the short term is viewed as a replacement of ACA, it still does not assure you of full temporary health insurance. Those are the shortfalls to short term insurance.

Get A Cover

Health insurance is one of the most critical expenditures in life. With health insurance, you always have a feeling of completion and safety. However, now, most people still haven’t known about short term health insurance. Are you looking for an excellent short term health coverage? Contact us today, and we will have one of our experts assist you on how to get short term medical cover.


What do short term health insurance plans typically cover?

Short-term coverage for health care varies significantly according to mostly on contract as well as the insurance provider that sells it. Such forms of policies do not explicitly meet the Affordable Care Act (ACA) criteria. Before you sign up at any plan, it is essential to know that ACA plan is required to provide some level of coverage, known as “minimum essential coverage. Additionally, such short-term health plans do not have to meet the same standards. Generally, you can summarize that short-term health insurance has coverage for preventive care, short term medical insurance/consultations, and emergency care. They may also have prescription coverage. Furthermore, some plans also offer cost savings for seeing in-network providers. It is always helpful for people to find out ahead of time and to read all the guaranteed information on insurance websites before purchasing any plan. There, people will be able to verify that they are covered by a given plan.

Who should get a short term health insurance plan?

Short term health insurance plans are not for everybody. People can fill out a questionnaire to evaluate their suitability or desire for these plans. Most commonly, domestic plans do not cover medical expenses overseas, these plans would work well for those individuals and families traveling outside of their home country in search of general coverage option. There are several advantages for frequent travelers with this plan as well. If they lose a suitcase/ luggage or there is an inconvenience in their departure, this plan includes such expenses which are usually part of the package. Moreover, these plans are advantageous for students who are taking short study programs outside their home country. There are no strict insurance requirements. In some cases, short-term plans can be excellent alternatives for persons while waiting for long-term coverage through a private company or employer.

What are the key benefits of short term health insurance plans?

The short term health plan is in constant motion and that’s why medical insurance is vital in any short term policy. Some essential health benefits are that users do not have to pay a penalty on their federal taxes for having a short term health insurance plan. Also, they can cancel the coverage period whenever they want without any penalty at all by open enrollment. Normally, users can choose their short term plan which covers them for up to one year, if that’s what they wish. Moreover, they have health benefits as a short term health insurance plan can provide a discount card for medications on the short term medical plan. The maternity care and newborn care sector has also covered expenses. There are further benefits to the health plan, like mental health insurance policy as it is included at the state level. Pediatric, oral and dental care are also included in their health insurance coverage and are beneficial for any emergency people may have.

Why buy short term health insurance and is it right for you?

Generally speaking, If any person is in a hurry, in need of immediate health insurance, or considering for economic-choices, temporary coverage, or immediate coverage, or just entirely inspecting for an insurance plan which is more accessible inside the health insurance marketplace. Then, short term health insurance can be a reliable opportunity for them. Temporary health insurance plan is able to offer coverage in an instantaneous way which can support paying hospitals, emergencies, doctors, and pharmaceutists in case of severe illness or difficulties. The open enrollment period process concerning short term insurance is easy as pie, also as a plus, in some cases, the coverage does not take too many days to start using it. To sum up, short term health insurance is completely right, essential, and an excellent idea for anyone who is in one of those urgencies.

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