22, Jan, 2021


compare home insurance policies

Insurance residential the importance of home insurance for those who have their own or rented property also on the issue of neighbors to importance of insurance and the question of who lives in an apartment asked a question about liability when there is a leak in the bathroom area kitchen laundry area from the top apartment to the apartment bottom is the responsibility of the apartment up so if you are assured there is a policy if your apartment is superior to yours can guarantee the cover for liability damages to the third party who is the bottom speaker in case you are bottom resident and there was this issue of the top-down leak its can you can cover will cover excuse your possession will cover that question piece and go after the culprit so it’s a liability insurance on the fire issue let’s talk about the following according to the fire insurance that the basic coverage that we call it will cover fire lightning fall and explosion ok if your apartment caught your apartment on fire if you live on rent pay attention if you live on rent from a apartment caught fire you have to compensate the owner of the property your responsibility is very big because if you live on rent possibly most people live on rent because they cannot afford it to buy a property ok some not some prefer to live in rent than buying a property something else the question of insurance is whether it is expensive or not depends on the coverage for example the coverage of electronic equipment will want to be the insurance will grow because because if your equipment is of last generation are expensive equipment so this will record coverage of theft will aggravate because you have many things to your house it will then everything that influences but how much it costs about five reserves per year for 12 months it will turn by 0.1 percent can reach 0.5 percent of the property value so if you take that insurance cost and divide it by 12 months that some installment insurers up to 12 months you will see that it is very worthwhile ok, there is a home insurance to guarantee several things today, very usual safe betting assistance 24 hours assistance is very important in home insurance why why are you going to have there a key chain break machine ie your washing machine may have spoiled may cover before the insurance company will cover even the part not only worldwide, but the microwave part is plumber to change the shower house to change the resistance of the shower even has a professional and put the picture on your wall that just formed the wall the apartment to your house everything is painted don’t want to spoil the guy go there for property insurance and hang the paintings so the importance of using 24-hour assistance this can generate a profit for you put the tip of the pencil in the crup because if you pay a fireman and pay the electrician you pay a guy to do a job at your home maybe covered in 24 hour assistance you don’t have the cost of one and then when you do the pencil count that use paid for the investment you purchased policy so stay tuned for 24 hour assistance she can pay your annual home insurance Okay, here’s the tip and a big hug.

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