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Nationwide Insurance Review

Nationwide Insurance was established almost 100 years ago as a small auto insurance company. Policyholders in Ohio initially owned Nationwide. Today, Nationwide is one of the most important financial services and insurance companies globally and a Fortune 100 company. Nationwide offers a complete range of insurance options, including homeowners, auto, motorcycle, pet, commercial, life, and farm.

The company also provides annuities, specialty health services, retirement plans, and mutual funds. Ratings for customer satisfaction are excellent, with very few complaints regarding life or home insurance. We like the fact consumers can fulfill all their insurance needs with just one stop. The customer service representatives are professional, friendly, and helpful.

Auto Insurance Coverage from Nationwide

Consumers can find every type of basic insurance at Nationwide, including comprehensive, collision, and liability. Many of the coverage options offered are unique to the company. For this reason, we believe Nationwide stands out from its competition. The coverage options include:

Towing and Labor:

One of the best options is the towing and labor included in the roadside assistance package. The company provides all stranded policyholders due to inoperable vehicles with help available 24/7. This includes everything from battery recharges to accidents. Nationwide ensures policyholders are taken care of so they can continue with their daily obligations. The service pays for emergency services including towing, gas delivery, jump starts, lockouts, and tire changes.

Total Loss Deductible Waiver:

If the vehicle is stolen or a total loss, both comprehensive and collision deductibles are waived by Nationwide.

Collision Coverage:

If the policyholder is at fault for an accident, the insurance policy will pay for all necessary repairs to the vehicle.

Accident Forgiveness:

One of the reasons we consider Nationwide unique is that the company understands sometimes accidents are unavoidable. If the policyholder adds the accident forgiveness coverage option, the first accident due to the fault of the insured will be forgiven.

Expense Coverage for Rental Cars:

When a rental vehicle requires repair after an accident, rental car coverage will help with the associated fees. If a leased or financed vehicle is totaled due to an accident or stolen, the difference between the cash value and the settlement amount can be paid. A good example is a policyholder still owing $3,000 on a totaled vehicle. If the policyholder receives $2,000, the expense coverage will pay the $1,000 gap.

Coverage for Lyft and Uber:

The company offers policyholders rideshare coverage for additional protection. This protection covers policyholders driving for either Lyft or Uber.

Nationwide Benefits and Discounts

In addition to all of the options we outlined above, there are ways to save even more money with Nationwide. Even without these discounts, we have found the rates charged by Nationwide are extremely competitive in the vehicle insurance sector. Some of our favorite discounts are described below.

Safe Driving Discounts:

When the policyholder does not have any violations or major accidents for a minimum of five years, Nationwide offers vanishing deductible coverage. Both comprehensive and collision deductibles decrease by $100 every year. This benefit is cumulative, with a maximum savings amount of $500.


Nationwide offers SmartRide as a program specifically based on usage. The program involves the combination of a mobile app, and an in-car plugin. The way the policyholder drives is effectively tracked by SmartRide. Nationwide is then able to provide more accurate rates for auto insurance. The program additionally encourages policyholders to drive safely by providing important feedback.


Policyholders driving less often are able to save money by taking advantage of a flexible rate every month. The basis of SmartMiles is the number of miles driven per month.

Multi-Policy Discount:

Another discount we appreciate is the ability to save about $710 every policy period with a bundle combining auto and homeowner’s insurance. The discount is also applicable to other policies including condo and renters. The greatest saving is offered with the more expensive bundles.

Good Student:

The Good Student discount is for policyholders with a driver between the ages of 16 and 24. The policyholder can qualify provided the student maintains a minimum of a B average.

Automatic Payment Discounts:

This discount is only applicable when the policyholder initially signs up for Eay Pay. Even though the discount can only be obtained once, we have found the savings can be substantial.

Organizational Discounts:

Nationwide offers member discounts to hundreds of different organizations including sports groups, professional groups, special interest associations, and alumni associations.

Signing Up for Easy Pay:

When the individual signs up for a Nationwide policy, there is an option to link a bank account. The policyholder will then receive a discount.


All policyholders maintaining a driving record with no accidents receive a discount automatically.

Defensive Driving:

A discount can be earned by completing a defensive driving course approved by the state. Some states require the driver to be a minimum age of 55 to qualify for the course.


Discounts can be earned for every vehicle with anti-theft devices. In some cases, proof of installation is required.

Is Nationwide a Good Home Insurance Company?

Correct, Nationwide is an excellent company for homeowners’ insurance for several reasons. First, according to user reviews, Nationwide insurance claims are paid quickly with no hassles. Second, the homeowner policies are competitively priced, and finally, the coverage is extremely thorough including many options for protecting both the property and the policyholder.

Hazard or Dwelling Insurance:

This policy protects the structure of the home including built-in appliances, the roof, and the foundation.

Personal Property Coverage:

This coverage pays for damage to the possessions of the homeowner such as clothing and furniture. An additional add-on or rider may be required to protect extremely expensive items including specific types of electronics and jewelry.

Other Structures:

Insurance for the basic dwelling includes damage to any building attached to the main home including an attached garage. Coverage for other structures includes any building not attached such as unattached garages, barns, gazebos and sheds. Other structure coverage is required for the protection of these types of buildings.

Replacement Cost Plus:

Optional replacement coverage plus increases the coverage of the actual property by 20 percent when necessary.

Earthquake Coverage:

Earthquake is optional coverage for homes in areas known to have earthquakes.

Loss of Usage:

If the policyholder has to live somewhere else due to home repairs, the additional costs are covered by loss of use.

Law or Ordinance Insurance:

If the home must be repaired or rebuilt due to current home building codes, this insurance will cover the additional costs.

Identity Theft:

Nationwide identity theft is optional insurance to protect the policyholder in the event of a stolen identity.

Credit Card Coverage:

Unauthorized transactions on both debit and credit cards are paid with credit card coverage.

Water Backup:

Water backup offers expanded coverage when there is a water back up due to an overflow of a sump pump or sewer.

Homeowner Discounts from Nationwide

Nationwide offers a variety of discounts for homeowner policies in addition to vehicle coverage to decrease the cost of the policy including:


If the homeowner does not file any claims within a certain period of time, an additional premium discount may be available.


The multi-policy bundles cover both vehicle and homeowner’s insurance for an extra discount.

Home Purchase:

Discounts are available for homes purchased within the last 12 months.

Gated Community:

If there are security gates, key-lock devices or security guards protecting the neighborhood, an additional discount is available.

Credit for Home Renovations:

If the electrical, cooling, heating, or plumbing systems are updated or renovated, an additional discount is available.

Roof Upgrades:

Improving the roof rating can result in a discount.

Protective Devices:

Discounts are available for homes with smoke detectors, burglar systems, or fire alarms.

Prior Insurance:

Discounts may be available for new customers based on the length of time a previous carrier-provided insurance.

Additional Policies Available from Nationwide

We have found the majority of consumers require more than homeowners and vehicle insurance. Nationwide offers a good selection of financial products including:

• Homeowners, condo, renters and flood insurance

Annuities, mutual funds, life insurance, and retirement plans

• Dental, umbrella, pet, life, and accident medical insurance

• Savings, checking accounts and money market accounts

• Motorcycle, classic car, scooter, boat, snowmobile, RV and ATV insurance

• Wedding specialty liability and travel insurance

Nationwide Insurance Careers

According to actual testimonials from Nationwide, the company offers excellent job opportunities and a good working environment. Nationwide is a family-oriented company, with good opportunities for advancement. The company has built a reputation for teamwork, satisfied customers and employees, and providing employees with exceptional insurance coverage. We have found numerous employee testimonials starting a career with Nationwide provides a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Nationwide Insurance Review

We recommend Nationwide for anyone interested in auto, homeowners, or pet insurance. Nationwide insurance claims are paid quickly, the policies offer a good range of coverage options, and the service is extremely friendly. The company provides special benefits for policyholders in addition to numerous options for different services such as road side assistance.


What nationwide provides?

Over the past several years, Nationwide has grown from a small, business owner-operated mutual auto insurance company to one of the most extensive insurance and financial services providers. Nationwide outperforms the competition for many reasons, and they stand out for their customer service and their sheer expertise. They are there for you if something happens, whether it is a minor crash or a significant loss due to a significant storm. They will help clients whatever they need, such as policy, statement, or claim inquiries. The Nationwide insurance company, as we have learned earlier, is a Fortune 100 company that delivers a diverse variety of insurance and financial services throughout the country. These cover car, motorcycle, farms, pets care, life insurance, home, and commercial insurance, including further an investment; a mutual fund, liability coverage, pension schemes, and an essential insurance product that is health care service. 

Is nationwide insurance giving refunds?

To make it quick and easy for customers to feel relieved, Nationwide is offering a one-time refund of a $50 premium per policy for active personal auto policies as of March of the present year. They offer this quick relief at a time when drivers are making the right decision to stay off the road and stay home to help flatten the curve. Not to mention, Nationwide Mutual insurance company focus on their members, not their shareholders. In other words, they balance doing what is right for its members while maintaining their position of financial health insurance plan to ensure that they keep their promises to their members. In short, to get this refund to customers quickly, it will be a one-time payment of $50 per policy, which equates to an average savings of 15 percent over two months.

How good is nationwide insurance?

The most important thing on a business, are the reviews they get. When customers are looking for car insurance, it is essential to know that a business will be there to help you when you need it. Nationwide means the handling of auto insurance claims quickly and without any problems. That’s a whole other factor where Nationwide has the country’s highest-rated auto insurance. Many customers say that competitive rates on auto insurance statements are also one of the causes of how this corporation is one of today’s best-rated car insurance company. They have evolved from a small mutual car insurance company owned by policyholders, who spent their past days farming on land to become one of the world’s most extensive insurance and financial services firms.

How long has nationwide insurance been in business?

The history of the corporation runs from 90 years ago approximately. In 1926 it sold its very first policy, originally widely recognized as the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. Nationwide took one big strategic initiative towards concentrate into banking services on its trust operations to support its retirement planning business and shift from serving as a full-service, federally regulated commercial banking institution. Medicare and Medicaid begin to also be granted access across the whole country. Nationwide reported that they are building an innovation center in their natal State.

Is amco insurance part of nationwide?

For those in the Midwest, the Allied Group is quite valuable. The company, a subsidiary of the Nationwide Mutual cross-line insurer, presents a range of goods and a casualty insurance product including auto, farm, and homeowner policy proposals. Moreover, this Allied Group, also remembered as Allied Insurance, primarily offers trade policies for small and medium-sized entities, along with coverage for home-based organizations. Property and casualty insurance are indeed the most considerable provider portion of Nationwide ‘s sales in its operations (about 70 percent). Allied Insurance, in turn, makes up for around a quarter of the segment’s net income.

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