27, Nov, 2020

Keys to Progress Vehicle Giveaway | Progressive Commercial

Keys to Progress Vehicle Giveaway Program

One of the things at Progressive, we have our core values, and one of them is the golden rule. Our Keys to Progress program came about, and we’re now living what we say we’re all about. Since 2013, every year, we’ve given away over 100 cars to veterans and their families life insurance and veteran organizations, which we’re extremely proud of. I’m so excited for one my friend to be our inaugural recipient of the Commercial Lines’ Keys to Progress truck. There’s no one more deserving than him, and I know, he’s going to do great things with his new small business. This is really exciting that now, we’ve been able to expand this to the point where it’s far beyond just a vehicle but being able to get to a livelihood. When we were asked by Progressive car Insurance, if we would like to participate and be a part of this event, it didn’t take Select Trucks two seconds to say yes, we’d be honored.

It is the moment, we have all been waiting for. Your very own truck! It’s pretty amazing. To see what you guys have done for me, it has changed my life. Everybody always tells me, you know, “I thank you for your service,” but one thing I’d like to do right now, though, is honestly, I’d like to thank you for your support. So thank you for everything, you’ve done for me. He is such an amazing person, a great family man, a great veteran, and we’re so excited for him to have this opportunity. It became about all veterans. This just feels like big family today, rather than one person and one company. Veterans serve our country. They come out of the service. And what another great way to serve, delivering all the goods that we need and want, and we couldn’t do it without them.

Keys to Progress Vehicle Giveaway

The parallels between the military and the trucking industry, there’s not just some, there’s a lot. You give back to your country. You’re still providing and serving the people. It’s still overwhelming, but I’m very appreciative. First thing I want to do with it? Hook it to a trailer and go on down the road with it. My goal is just to get going and get my feet stable and bring on other veteran drivers.

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