27, Nov, 2020

How to unsubscribe or cancel insurance

The Right Way to Cancel or Change Your Individual insurance

If you are thinking of canceling the one you already have or change to another company, these are the steps you have to follow. The first thing to consider is the deadlines. There may be two circumstances here. The first is that you already have insurance and have decided not to renew it. In this case, you will have to notify your insurer at least one month in advance. If not You do it, they will renew your insurance automatically and they will charge you again. And the other circumstance is that you just took out insurance and regret it. Here the deadlines are different. You have up to 14 days from the moment of hiring to notify the insurer. In the case of Life insurance, the term increases up to 30 days Once the deadlines are clear, we proceed to the procedure. How do you unsubscribe a insurance? The best way to do it is to communicate it in writing to the insurer.

You can do it by email, a burofax and even a ordinary mail. In the letter you must indicate that you do not want to renew the policy, and include the data of the policyholder, of the risk, the reference number of the policy, the date and the signature. In addition, there are companies that allow you to do it by phone or through the web. In this case, it is best to ask the company A written document confirming the cancellation. Thus we avoid problems afterwards. Finally, remember to return the premium receipt or any other form of default It is not a valid way of canceling insurance.

In this situation the insurer could refuse to cancel and continue claiming your premium. As a result, you could end included in a delinquency file. So far the explanation of how to cancel insurance. See you in the next video! .

Why is life insurance important?

Here is surgery life insurance a tool that offers relief financial support for people’s lives and families at such a time important good insurance and serves for some reasons from a personal and family insurance serves as a replacement of that lost income for some unforeseen event either by impression of a premature death due either to an event of validity or even an event of absence from work due to hospitalization the diagnosis of a disease serious insurance is very important for those who have already built their assets we realize each year or even in the costs related to the succession cost on account of taxes or courses on account of other lawyers we realize that some families can even polish this heritage built on account of these costs and insurance enters precisely to settle this this type of pending to help the family has had to since that moment able to pay lawyers taxes without having to dispose of the assets of quickly and at prices sometimes even out of reality companies can also benefit from taking out insurance is very common for us to see company problems at the time of the succession of a partner or important executive in the event of a premature death the company can hire insurance agent the name of that employee receive the amount of coverage and use this coverage to buy back shares for example from a partner or so to make a substitution process to those of that one executive who may be missing hiv is prepared to understand the case is not of each customer and offer a complete and personalized solution for that case

By canceling your individual health insurance policy the right way, you protect yourself financially
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