23, Jan, 2021

Home insurance? For what?

I did a simulation of hiring a home insurance, and put some money specific: I put money for fire, the house … I put 100 thousand reais … coverage for fire. I put 15 thousand reais of coverage for family civil liability, which will indemnify damages caused to third parties, for use of the residence or by any resident of the residence and I 5,000 for electrical damage, which is the burning of some electronic equipment from residence. Do you have any idea how much this insurance was? This insurance was 240 reais, YEAR. Look at the price of this … this will give a portion of about 24 reais per month. Now, the best thing is that these are the insurance coverage there, the best is what you have coverage in 24-hour assistance, added to that coverage, you have a whole range coverage and 24-hour assistance from professionals and services you don’t have idea you have. Most people do not know that there is, besides these professionals that I already mentioned, mason, electrician and such …

That some people have some idea … key chain … you there are covers like that you don’t know yet … like … Do you have a pet? coverage for your pet, did you know that home insurance today provides coverage for assistance 24 hours for urgent and emergency for your pet? for your pet? if you have any sudden urgent and emergency problems you have coverage for consultation, for exam, hospitalization, surgery and even .. your pet’s funeral. Did you know for example that if you … Do you ride a bike, ride a bike? uses? you are riding your bike a few kilometers from your home, if you have one accident with your bike, this home insurance with those covers provides 0800 coverage for you, for your bike? If you get hurt there, give you the hospital, transfer you from a hospital to a hospital that has the equipment that you … need, you have coverage for your tire bike, everything … I’ll fix your bike for you! In addition, you have coverage for the white and brown lines of your equipment From home.

Fridge, stove, microwave, oven … had a problem? stopped working? call 0800 they send a professional to your home and you still have a budget 300 reais for exchange and replacement of part. Only that part you are replacing is more expensive than what you are paying annually insurance. The same thing with your television, the same thing with your computer, the same thing with your cell phone … you have this type of coverage just get the phone and call to the insurance company’s 0800 number. Guys, there are more than 40 coverage of professionals and specialized services that just you pick up the phone you have access to, FOR FREE! There’s nothing like it, for the price you’re paying, there’s nothing like it! Think here, you hire your home insurance with those coverages that I told you and pays 240 reais a year and for free, of lambuja, you take all these covers and all these services for you to use in the year.

I find it difficult for you to spend a whole year at your house and you don’t have a problem at your house … I’ll remind you here … I’ll remind you here … You besides these covers that I told you about, you have … look: cleaning the water tank, cleaning the sewer box, right ?! installation of ceiling fan equipment … or any equipment you purchased to install in your home. You have all this for free, just call and they send a professional to help you. Another thing, when you hire this insurance, you can call the insurance company and ask a professional, a company to do the pest control of your home, for extermination urban pests … only that service there … paid the insurance. I think it’s too cheap to do … for you to have this whole range of covering property e as well home owner insurance.

I think home insurance will give you peace of mind that you never imagined it could have. I think you’ll only be caught off guard again if you want, it’s too cheap … 24 reais per month, you have this coverage.

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