26, May, 2020

Health Insurance Brokers

Let’s dive into some facts about small group health insurance brokers. Did you know that brokers cannot negotiate the cost of your plan? That’s right, for small group plans, no broker can get you a better rate. That’s due to the fact charges are completely fixed by using regulations, so even though you purchased costs from dozens of various health insurance brokers. Your rate is going to live the identical. Since the price goes to remain the identical, make sure you look for the dealer that offers the satisfactory

Health Insurance Brokers

Did you know, you do not pay extra to use a broker? For small group health insurance, carriers pay brokers a set commission that’s non-negotiable and approved by the state. There’s no additional cost to you, and not using a broker won’t lower your premium. So there’s no reason not to get their help, no? Did you know you do not need a local broker to get local coverage? Modern brokers come in all shapes and sizes.

For-example, works with over 100 carriers, and offers over 3500 plans across the country. Did you know that you could switch brokers at any point throughout the year? It’s your right to pick the broker that’s right for you, and doing so won’t affect your policy, or your contract with your insurance carrier, so there’s no risk.

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